Pacific Marine Review

Pacific Marine Review was a monthly magazine about the maritime industry published between 1906 and 1986. It was published in San Francisco by the firm of J.S. Hines, which later became the Pacific Ship and Supply Co.Image:pacific-marine-review-sample-cover

Pacific Marine Review covered various topics pertaining to the maritime industry, such as shipbuilding, shipwrighting, nautical engineering, shipping, and maritime law. It provided technical information about new technologies and equipment, as well as commentary on industry trends and events.

The magazine was an important source of information for professionals in the maritime industry, including shipbuilders, engineers, ship owners, and maritime lawyers. It also served as a means of exchanging technical information and knowledge between industry experts.

Pacific Marine Review ceased publication in 1986, after 80 years of operation. During its history, it documented the evolution of the maritime industry from the transition from sail to steam-powered ships, through the two world wars, and into the modern era of containerization and globalization.

Today, Pacific Marine Review remains a valuable source for researchers and historians interested in the maritime industry, providing a window into the technical, economic, and cultural aspects of maritime life in the United States during the 20th century.{{Categories}}

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