Pacific RailNews

Pacific RailNews was a monthly magazine covering the railway industry in the western region of the United States, including California, Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon. It was published by Otto Vondrak and Karl Zimmermann, both well-known railway journalists.Image:pacific-railnews-sample-cover

Pacific RailNews began publication in 1995, with the aim of providing in-depth coverage of railway news and events in the western region. The magazine covered a wide range of topics, including railway history, technology, operations, and policy. It also included interviews with industry leaders and featured photography by renowned railway photographers.

Pacific RailNews quickly gained a loyal following among railway enthusiasts and professionals, thanks to its well-researched articles and high-quality photography. It provided a valuable source of information for railway industry insiders, as well as an interesting read for members of the general public interested in railways.

Despite its popularity, Pacific RailNews faced financial difficulties in the early 2000s, due to declining advertising revenues and a shrinking audience. The magazine ceased publication in 2009, after 14 years in operation.

Today, Pacific RailNews remains an important source of information and inspiration for railway enthusiasts and professionals alike, documenting the history and development of western railway industry during a time of significant change and innovation.{{Categories}}

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