Pacific Standard

Pacific Standard was a bimonthly magazine focused on social and environmental issues, as well as culture and politics. It was founded in 2008 and based in Santa Barbara, California. The magazine's mission was to provide "stories that matter, stories that might change the world."Image:pacific-standard-sample-cover

Pacific Standard covered a wide range of topics, including social justice, climate change, energy policy, and public health. It was known for its in-depth reporting and investigative journalism, as well as its high-quality writing and photography.

The magazine was published in print and online, and its articles were often republished by other media organizations. Pacific Standard's reporting won numerous awards, including a National Magazine Award for Public Service in 2014.

Despite its reputation for excellence in journalism, Pacific Standard faced financial difficulties in the late 2010s, due to declining print readership and advertising revenue. In early 2019, the magazine ceased publication, after more than 10 years in operation.

Today, Pacific Standard's legacy continues through its rich archive of articles, which provide a valuable source of information and inspiration for readers interested in social and environmental issues. The magazine's commitment to rigorous reporting and engaging storytelling remains an example for journalists and readers alike.{{Categories}}

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