Packaging Machinery Technology

Packaging Machinery Technology, also known as PMT Magazine, was a monthly publication focusing on news and trends in the packaging machinery industry. The magazine was based in Chicago, Illinois, and was published by Putman Media.Image:packaging-machinery-technology-sample-cover

Packaging Machinery Technology covered a wide range of topics related to packaging machinery, including new product releases, industry events, and emerging technologies. It provided insights into packaging machinery design and manufacturing, as well as trends in packaging automation and efficiency.

The magazine was distributed in print and online, and was known for its high-quality reporting and analysis. Packaging Machinery Technology was a valuable source of information and inspiration for packaging machinery manufacturers, suppliers, and end-users alike.

In 2019, Putman Media announced that Packaging Machinery Technology would be merged with another of their publications, Pharma Manufacturing, forming a new magazine called Automation World. The final issue of Packaging Machinery Technology was published in December 2019, after 37 years in operation.

Despite its closure, Packaging Machinery Technology remains an important part of the history of the packaging machinery industry, documenting the evolution of packaging machinery and its impact on the broader manufacturing landscape.{{Categories}}

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