Panzerfaust was a far-right white nationalist magazine published in the United States from 1994 to 1996. The magazine was founded by two members of the neo-Nazi group National Alliance, William Pierce and Kevin Strom.Image:panzerfaust-sample-cover

Panzerfaust's content centered around white supremacist ideology, depicting minorities and Jewish people as threats to white identity. The magazine frequently featured articles promoting racism, anti-Semitism, and genocide, as well as glorifying Nazi Germany and other fascist regimes.

Throughout its short run, Panzerfaust faced widespread criticism and condemnation from civil rights groups, anti-fascist activists, and politicians across the political spectrum.

In 1996, the Southern Poverty Law Center designated Panzerfaust as a hate group, citing its extremist views and contributions to the proliferation of white supremacist propaganda.

In response, William Pierce and Kevin Strom discontinued the publication of Panzerfaust, but quickly founded a new far-right magazine called National Vanguard.

Despite its brief existence, Panzerfaust remains a significant example of the prevalence of white nationalism in the United States, and its impact continues to be felt in modern far-right political discourse.{{Categories}}

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