Paste is an American online magazine covering music, movies, TV, games, comedy, and pop culture. It was founded in 2002 by Josh Jackson, Nick Purdy, and Tim Regan-Porter.Image:paste-sample-cover

The magazine covers a range of topics, from music and film reviews to interviews with actors, musicians, and other cultural figures. It has also been known to publish insightful editorials on political and social issues, covering topics like gun control and the treatment of women in the workplace.

Throughout its history, Paste has gained a reputation for its thoughtful and well-researched content, with its articles often going in-depth on the subjects they cover. The magazine has received numerous awards and nominations for its content, including several National Magazine Award nominations.

In addition to its online presence, Paste has also branched out into events and merchandise. The magazine hosts regular live performances, ranging from intimate concerts to multi-day music festivals, and offers merchandise like vinyl records and t-shirts for sale on its website.

Today, Paste continues to be an influential voice in pop culture, offering thoughtful and insightful coverage of the world's biggest cultural moments and figures.{{Categories}}

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