People, Places, and Plants

People, Places, and Plants is a horticulture and gardening magazine published in the United States. The magazine covers a variety of topics related to plants, landscaping, and garden design, as well as the people and places that are dedicated to horticulture.Image:people-places-and-plants-sample-cover

People, Places, and Plants was first published in 1994 by the horticulturist and garden designer Sydney Eddison. The magazine quickly gained a following among gardening enthusiasts and professionals, thanks to its in-depth articles and beautiful photography.

Over the years, People, Places, and Plants has become known for its commitment to horticultural education and sustainability. The magazine features articles on a range of topics related to gardening, including plant care, landscape design, and garden history. It also highlights botanical gardens, nurseries, and other noteworthy locations that showcase the beauty and diversity of plants.

In addition to its print publication, People, Places, and Plants also offers online resources, including articles, videos, and a forum for readers to connect and share their gardening experiences.

Today, People, Places, and Plants remains an important resource for gardeners of all experience levels. Its focus on horticultural education, sustainability, and beautiful design continues to inspire and inform readers around the world.{{Categories}}

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