People Today

People Today was a celebrity and entertainment magazine published in the United Kingdom. The magazine covered a range of topics related to popular culture, including celebrity news, fashion, and lifestyle.Image:people-today-sample-cover

People Today was first published in 1968 by the International Publishing Corporation, which later became IPC Media. The magazine was launched as a British version of the American magazine People.

Over the years, People Today developed a reputation for its in-depth celebrity interviews and insightful coverage of the entertainment industry. The magazine was known for featuring exclusive photographs and stories, as well as expert analysis and commentary.

In 1996, People Today was merged with another IPC Media title, TVTODAY, to form TVTimes. The new publication continued to cover entertainment and celebrity news, but with a greater emphasis on television programming.

Today, People Today remains an important part of the history of celebrity journalism in the United Kingdom. Its coverage of popular culture and entertainment provides a valuable snapshot of British society in the latter half of the 20th century.{{Categories}}

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