PFIQ, also known as Piercing Fans International Quarterly, was a magazine dedicated to the art and culture of body piercing. The magazine was first published in 1977 by Jim Ward, a pioneer in modern body piercing and the founder of The Gauntlet, a chain of piercing studios.Image:pfiq-sample-cover

PFIQ was known for its coverage of the emerging piercing community, as well as for its documentation of the history of modern body piercing. The magazine featured interviews and profiles of piercing artists from around the world, as well as articles on piercing techniques, jewelry design, and care and healing practices.

In addition to its focus on piercing, PFIQ also covered related subjects such as tattooing, scarification, and other forms of body modification. The magazine also served as a forum for the exchange of ideas and information between piercing enthusiasts, artists, and professionals.

Over its nearly 30-year run, PFIQ published a total of 44 issues. The magazine ceased publication in 2005, but its legacy continues to influence the piercing community. PFIQ is remembered as an important resource for piercing enthusiasts, artists, and researchers, and as a document of a significant cultural movement.{{Categories}}

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