Photo-Era was a monthly photography magazine published in the United States from 1898 until 1927. Initially named American Amateur Photographer and then American Photography, the magazine was renamed Photo-Era in 1911.Image:photo-era-sample-cover

The publication was aimed at amateur photographers and covered various aspects of photography, including techniques, equipment, and the work of photographers. Notable contributors to the magazine included Edward Weston, Alfred Stieglitz, and Ansel Adams.

Photo-Era also organized an annual photography contest that was widely regarded as one of the most prestigious amateur photography competitions in the United States. The contest attracted thousands of entries each year and awarded cash prizes and medals to the top winners.

In addition to the magazine, Photo-Era also published a number of photography books and manuals aimed at amateur photographers. The company was eventually acquired by the New York Institute of Photography, and the magazine ceased publication in 1927.

Today, back issues of Photo-Era are highly collectible among photography enthusiasts and historians, providing a valuable window into the history of amateur photography in the early 20th century.{{Categories}}

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