Photoplay was a popular American film magazine published from 1911 to 1980. Originally started as a motion picture fan magazine, Photoplay became one of the most influential and widely circulated movie magazines in the United States.Image:photoplay-sample-cover

The magazine covered various aspects of the film industry including news, interviews, reviews, and feature articles on actors and filmmakers. Photoplay also published exclusive and often controversial photos of Hollywood stars, frequently sparking rumors and gossip about their private lives.

During the 1920s and 1930s, Photoplay routinely published reader polls for selecting the most popular actors and actresses, known as the "Photoplay Medal Awards". The awards were highly coveted by Hollywood stars and helped to cultivate public interest and fan engagement in the film industry.

In the 1940s, Photoplay shifted its focus from movie news to romantic fiction, publishing serialized stories with headshots of actors on the cover. The magazine's popularity continued to decline in the following decades and it eventually ceased publication in 1980.

Despite its controversial reputation, Photoplay is remembered not only for its contributions to popular celebrity culture, but also as a valuable historical resource for understanding the evolution of Hollywood and the film industry in the 20th century.{{Categories}}

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