PiQ was a monthly magazine that covered a variety of topics, including anime, manga, video games, and comics. The magazine was published by ADV Manga, a division of ADV Films, and was aimed at a young adult audience.Image:piq-sample-cover

PiQ's content was largely focused on Japanese pop culture, with a particular emphasis on anime and manga. The magazine featured news and reviews of the latest anime and manga releases, as well as interviews with voice actors and creators in the industry.

In addition to anime and manga, PiQ also covered video games and comics. The magazine featured reviews and previews of the latest video game releases, as well as articles on the comic book industry.

PiQ was known for its unique design and layout, which included colorful fonts and graphics. The magazine also featured fan art submitted by readers, and encouraged reader participation through contests and giveaways.

Despite its popularity among fans, PiQ struggled financially and ceased publication after just four issues. The final issue was published in October 2008.

Today, PiQ is remembered as an important piece of anime and manga history, providing coverage of the industry during a time when it was still relatively niche in the United States.{{Categories}}

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