Pizzazz was a short-lived biweekly magazine for children featuring comics, puzzles, and celebrity interviews, among other things. The magazine was published by Marvel Comics from 1977 to 1979.Image:pizzazz-sample-cover

Pizzazz's content catered to children of both genders, and included articles on diverse topics like music, movies, and television shows. The magazine was known for its colorful design, including hand-drawn illustrations and collages.

One of Pizzazz's most popular features was the "Pizzazz Posterzine," a pull-out poster featuring photos and interviews with celebrities of the time, which young readers could hang up in their bedrooms.

While Pizzazz's publication run was brief, the magazine left a lasting impression on its readers. The magazine helped launch the careers of a number of comic book artists and writers, including Jim Salicrup, Jo Duffy, and Eliot Brown.

Today, Pizzazz is remembered fondly as a unique piece of children's publishing history, combining comics, celebrity interviews, and colorful design into a distinctive package.{{Categories}}

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