Play was an American fashion and lifestyle magazine published by The New York Times from 2006 to 2009. The magazine was targeted towards young adults and featured articles on fashion, music, pop culture, entertainment, and travel.Image:play-sample-cover

The first issue of Play was published in February 2006, with actress Chloƫ Sevigny gracing the cover. Play was The New York Times' first foray into the magazine market since the discontinuation of their Sunday magazine in 2005.

Play was initially met with mixed reviews, with some critics praising the magazine's fresh take on fashion and lifestyle, while others criticized its lack of editorial cohesion. Despite this, the magazine attracted a loyal following and was known for its edgy and modern aesthetic.

However, due to financial difficulties and the global recession of 2008, The New York Times announced the discontinuation of Play in 2009, along with the discontinuation of its home-delivery magazine supplement.

Today, Play is remembered as a brief but influential part of The New York Times' publishing history, which sought to capture a younger and more diverse audience in the world of fashion and lifestyle journalism.{{Categories}}

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