PlayStation: The Official Magazine

PlayStation: The Official Magazine (PTOM) was a monthly video game magazine launched in 2007 by Future US. The publication was affiliated with the Sony PlayStation gaming console and exclusively covered PlayStation-related content.Image:playstation-the-official-magazine-sample-cover

The magazine's content focused on PlayStation game reviews, previews, news, and features. Additionally, the magazine also featured articles on gaming hardware, peripherals, and accessories, as well as strategy guides and cheat codes for popular PlayStation games.

PTOM was a product of a joint venture between Future US and Sony Computer Entertainment America, aimed at expanding the PlayStation brand and providing insight into the latest gaming trends and developments. The magazine was also used as a marketing tool for new PlayStation releases.

PTOM ceased publication in December 2012, amidst the decline of print media and the rising popularity of digital gaming content. The magazine's content was subsequently merged into Future's multi-format gaming website, GamesRadar.

Today, PTOM is remembered as an important part of video game journalism in the late 2000s, providing exclusive coverage and insider access to the world of PlayStation gaming.{{Categories}}

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