Playthings was an American toy industry trade magazine established in 1902 by Henry C. Merwin. The publication covered the toy industry, including articles on manufacturing, distribution, design, marketing, and sales.Image:playthings-sample-cover

Playthings was known for its extensive coverage of the American International Toy Fair, the largest toy trade show in the western hemisphere. In addition to trade show coverage, the magazine included detailed profiles of major toy companies and their products.

Throughout its history, Playthings underwent several changes in ownership and format. In 2008, it was acquired by Reed Business Information, but in 2010, the publication was closed down along with 22 other trade magazines due to financial difficulties and declining print advertising revenues.

Today, Playthings is remembered for its extensive coverage of the toy industry throughout the 20th century, providing comprehensive analysis and devoted journalism to an industry that has become increasingly important in American culture.{{Categories}}

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