Policy Innovations

Policy Innovations was an online magazine published by the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. The magazine was focused on global governance and offered in-depth analysis and expert insights on public policy, human rights, and global affairs.magazine-cover-not-available.png

The magazine was founded in 2006 and was edited by Evan O'Neil until 2017. It covered a wide range of topics, including climate change, economic development, nuclear proliferation, and conflict prevention, among others. Policy Innovations also regularly featured interviews with prominent figures in the fields of global governance and international affairs.

The magazine was unique in its interdisciplinary approach, bringing together scholars, policymakers, activists, and journalists from diverse backgrounds to engage in critical dialogue on pressing global issues.

In addition to its online publication, Policy Innovations also organized a series of public events and conferences to foster discussion and debate on international policy and governance.

In 2017, the Carnegie Council decided to discontinue Policy Innovations in an effort to focus on other initiatives. While the magazine is no longer in publication, its legacy lives on through its contribution to the field of global governance and its commitment to fostering informed and thoughtful debate on critical global issues.{{Categories}}

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