Polyhedron was a role-playing game (RPG) magazine published by TSR, Inc. The publication was launched in 1981 as a sister magazine to Dragon magazine.Image:polyhedron-sample-cover

The magazine was dedicated to publishing new and original RPG content for the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) game and other RPG systems. Each issue of Polyhedron contained articles on game design, new adventures, rule variants, and other features relevant to RPG enthusiasts.

Polyhedron was known for publishing some iconic adventures, including "The Rod of Seven Parts" and the "Red Steel" series. Some of the designers and editors who contributed to the magazine include Skip Williams, Nigel D. Findley, and Chris Pramas, among others.

Polyhedron was merged with the RPGA (Role-Playing Game Association) Network in 2002, a large organized play group for RPGs. From then on, it was predominantly used to showcase new projects and to serve as an information source for events organized by the RPGA and other convention sponsors. The final issue of the magazine was published in 2004.

Polyhedron contributed to the growth of the RPG industry and provided a platform for enthusiasts to explore the depths of game design, setting a high standard for emerging RPG communities and players.{{Categories}}

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