Pop City

Pop City was a Pittsburgh-based online magazine that covered news, events, and developments related to economic, social, and cultural life in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.Image:pop-city-sample-cover

Pop City was launched in 2006 by Issue Media Group, a Michigan-based media company that specializes in digital publications that focus on localized news and economic development. In addition to its online content, Pop City also published a weekly email newsletter that featured highlights of local events and developments.

The magazine was known for its in-depth coverage of Pittsburgh's arts and culture scene, as well as its reporting on real estate development, environmental initiatives, and neighborhood revitalization efforts. Pop City also regularly featured profiles of local entrepreneurs, artists, and other innovators who were contributing to Pittsburgh's growth and development.

In 2018, Issue Media Group decided to cease publication of Pop City in order to focus on its larger network of publications. While the magazine is no longer in production, its legacy lives on through its contribution to the local arts and culture scene, its coverage of important local initiatives, and its commitment to journalistic integrity and community engagement.{{Categories}}

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