Popular Communications

Popular Communications is a defunct magazine that focused on radio communication, broadcasting, and advocacy for the hobbyist radio operator.Image:popular-communications-sample-cover

The magazine was first published in 1972 and was a popular source of information among amateur radio operators, shortwave listeners, and other hobbyists interested in radio communications. The magazine provided technical information, reviews of radio equipment, and information on radio clubs and events.

Over the years, Popular Communications became known for its reviews of new and vintage radio equipment, as well as its coverage of political and regulatory issues affecting amateur radio operators. The magazine also featured articles on radio history, including the early days of radio broadcasting and the role of radio in World War II.

Popular Communications was published by a number of different companies over the years, including Communication Horizons, CQ Communications, and Poptronics Publications, Inc.

In 2013, Poptronics Publications, Inc. announced its decision to cease publication of Popular Communications in order to focus on other publications in its portfolio. Despite its closure, Popular Communications remains a beloved and influential magazine among radio enthusiasts and amateur radio operators.{{Categories}}

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