Popular Photography

Popular Photography was a magazine that focused on photography and photographic equipment. The magazine was first published in May 1937, and over the years became one of the most influential photography publications in the world.Image:popular-photography-sample-cover

The magazine featured technical articles on photography, including camera reviews, digital photography, darkroom techniques, and tips on how to improve photographic skills. In addition to its technical content, Popular Photography featured showcases of professional and amateur photographers, as well as articles on the history of photography.

Popular Photography was published by a number of different companies over the years, including Ziff-Davis, Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S., and Bonnier Corporation. The magazine had a loyal following among photography enthusiasts and professional photographers.

In 2016, Bonnier Corporation announced that it would be ceasing publication of Popular Photography in print and online, as part of a restructuring of its media properties. The final issue of the magazine was published in March 2017.

Despite its closure, Popular Photography played an important role in the history of photography as a medium, and helped introduce countless photographers to new techniques, technologies, and equipment. The magazine's archives have been preserved and serve as a rich resource for photographic historians, critics, and enthusiasts.{{Categories}}

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