Popular Science

Popular Science is a magazine that focuses on science and technology. The magazine was first published in 1872 under the title "The Popular Science Monthly," and was renamed Popular Science in 1915.Image:popular-science-sample-cover

Popular Science provided readers with in-depth coverage of scientific and technological innovations, with features on topics such as space exploration, environmental issues, robotics, and health. The magazine also offered reviews of new products and technologies, as well as advice on how to improve a reader's everyday life.

Popular Science was published by a number of different companies over the years, including the Bonnier Corporation, Time, Inc., and the Popular Science Publishing Company. The magazine had a loyal following among science enthusiasts and other readers interested in learning about new scientific discoveries and innovations.

In 2020, Bonnier Corporation announced that it would be ceasing publication of the print edition of Popular Science in order to focus on digital content. The final print issue of the magazine was published in January 2021, with the magazine continuing to be available online.

Despite the end of its print edition, Popular Science remains an influential and widely read publication on science and technology. Its archives contain a wealth of information on scientific advancements of the past century and serve as an important historical record of the field.{{Categories}}

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