Portfolio was an American magazine that focused on business, finance, and investment news. The magazine was first published in April 2007, and was owned by Condé Nast Publications.Image:portfolio-sample-cover

Portfolio aimed to provide its readers with an inside look into the world of business and finance, with features on corporate leaders, Wall Street players, and economic trends. The magazine also covered topics such as real estate, media, and international business.

Although Portfolio was well-regarded by critics for its high-quality journalism, the magazine struggled during the financial crisis of the late 2000s. Advertisers pulled out of the magazine in droves, and circulation declined significantly.

In April 2009, Condé Nast announced that it would be ceasing publication of Portfolio, citing the difficult economic environment. The magazine's last issue was published in May 2009.

Despite its short run, Portfolio had a significant impact on business journalism and helped usher in a new era of reporting on Wall Street and the world of finance. Many of the magazine's top reporters and editors went on to successful careers at other publications. The archives of the magazine remain an important resource for historians and researchers studying the financial crisis and its aftermath.{{Categories}}

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