Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking was a self-improvement magazine first published in 1989 by Sunshine Books. The magazine encouraged readers to adopt a positive mental attitude as a means of improving their lives. Image:positive-thinking-sample-cover

Positive Thinking magazine covered topics like self-help, personal development, and spirituality. The magazine's content aimed to be uplifting and inspiring, promoting the power of positive thinking in all areas of life, from relationships and health, to career and personal finance.

Sunshine Books published Positive Thinking for over two decades. However, the publication faced financial difficulties and reduced publication frequency in the 2010s. The magazine ultimately ceased publication in August 2016.

Positive Thinking had a loyal following among readers interested in improving their mental and emotional well-being. The magazine's approach was based on the idea that positive thoughts and affirmations could work to produce tangible improvements in readers' lives.

While Positive Thinking is no longer in publication, many of its readers continue to turn towards the principles of positive thinking for self-improvement and personal growth.{{Categories}}

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