Powerlifting USA

Powerlifting USA was a powerlifting magazine founded in 1976 by Mike Lambert. The magazine covered the sport of powerlifting, which involves three different lifts: the bench press, squat, and deadlift.Image:powerlifting-usa-sample-cover

Powerlifting USA magazine aimed to provide readers with in-depth coverage of powerlifting competitions, as well as training advice, nutrition tips, and athlete profiles. The magazine was influential in promoting the sport of powerlifting and helping to build a community around it.

Over the years, Powerlifting USA featured interviews with many of the sport's most famous athletes, including Eddie Hall, Marianna Gasparyan, and Andrey Malanichev. The magazine also covered some of the biggest competitions in the sport, such as the Arnold Classic and the IPF World Championships.

Powerlifting USA faced financial difficulties in the 2010s due to declining circulation and advertising revenue. The magazine was acquired by Powerlifting Legends Press in 2016, but ultimately ceased publication in 2017.

Despite its relatively short run, Powerlifting USA remains an important source of information and inspiration for fans of powerlifting. The magazine's archives are a valuable resource for researchers and enthusiasts alike, and its legacy can be seen in the continued growth and popularity of the sport of powerlifting.{{Categories}}

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