Première was a French monthly film magazine founded in 1976 by André Halimi. The magazine covered both French and international films, providing critical analysis, interviews with filmmakers, and coverage of film festivals.Image:premiere-sample-cover

Première was known for its in-depth coverage of the French film industry, but also covered Hollywood blockbusters and independent films from around the world. The magazine featured regular columns on different aspects of filmmaking, such as cinematography, sound design, and special effects.

In addition to its print magazine, Première also had a website that provided movie news and reviews. The magazine was published in both French and English editions, with the English edition catering mainly to an international audience.

Over the years, Première became one of the most respected film magazines in France, and was highly regarded for its insightful and knowledgeable coverage of the film industry. The magazine's writers and editors were known for their expertise and critical acumen, and many went on to become influential figures in the film industry.

Première faced financial difficulties in the 2010s, as the print magazine industry declined and online publishing became more prevalent. The magazine ceased publication in April 2019, after 43 years in print.

Despite its closure, Première remains an important part of French film history. The magazine's archives are a valuable resource for film researchers, and its legacy can be seen in the continued influence of its writers and editors on the film industry in France and beyond.{{Categories}}

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