Printers' Ink

Printers' Ink was an American trade magazine dedicated to the advertising and printing industries. The magazine was founded in 1888 by George P. Rowell and Frank H. Hutton.Image:printers-ink-sample-cover

The magazine provided articles, news, and analysis of the advertising and printing industries. It featured information on advertising campaigns, printing technology, and other topics relevant to the industry. Printers' Ink also included job listings and advertisements for printing and advertising-related products and services.

One of the magazine's most significant contributions to the advertising industry was the creation of the "Printers' Ink Model," which laid out a step-by-step process for creating successful ad campaigns. The model emphasized the importance of understanding the audience and creating a message that resonated with them.

Throughout its run, Printers' Ink provided valuable insights and analysis of the advertising industry, helping to shape its development and growth. The magazine continued to be published under various owners until it ceased print publication in 1967.

Today, Printers' Ink remains an important part of advertising history, and is remembered for its contributions to the industry and its coverage of the advertising and printing fields.{{Categories}}

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