Pro Football Illustrated

Pro Football Illustrated was an American sports magazine focused on professional football. The magazine was first published in 1960 by Harold A. "Tubby" Meyers, and continued publication until 1983.Image:pro-football-illustrated-sample-cover

Pro Football Illustrated covered all aspects of professional football, including news, analysis, and player profiles. The magazine was known for its in-depth coverage of the sport, and was particularly popular among fans of the National Football League (NFL).

In addition to its coverage of the NFL, Pro Football Illustrated also covered college football and other professional football leagues. The magazine included features on different teams and players from around the country, as well as rankings and predictions for upcoming games and seasons.

Over the years, Pro Football Illustrated attracted a loyal readership and was considered one of the premier football magazines in the United States. However, with the rise of cable television and the popularity of online sports coverage, the magazine faced growing competition and declining circulation. In 1983, the magazine ceased publication.

Despite its relatively short run, Pro Football Illustrated remains an important part of football history and is remembered for its thorough coverage and analysis of the sport during a time of significant growth and change.{{Categories}}

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