Profane Existence

Profane Existence is an American punk rock record label and zine that was first established in 1989. The label is known for its anarchist and anti-capitalist philosophy, which is reflected in both its music and its publications.Image:profane-existence-sample-cover

The magazine component of Profane Existence is a punk rock zine that has been published since 1989. The zine covers a wide range of topics related to punk culture, including music reviews, interviews with punk bands, social and political commentary, and DIY culture.

Profane Existence also releases music by a variety of punk bands, including some of the most well-known names in the punk rock scene. The label is known for its commitment to giving voice to bands that might not otherwise have the opportunity to be heard. Many of the bands that have released music through Profane Existence share the label's political and social views, which are often reflected in their lyrics.

Throughout its history, Profane Existence has been involved in a variety of activism causes, including animal rights, environmentalism, and anti-racism. The label has donated profits from its releases to a number of charities and activist groups that share its values.

Despite its underground status, Profane Existence has had a significant impact on both the punk rock scene and broader political discourse. The label's uncompromising political views and DIY ethos have made it a fixture of the punk rock community and a respected voice on progressive issues.{{Categories}}

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