Propaganda was a British political magazine that was first published in 1999. The magazine was known for its left-wing politics and its support for progressive causes.Image:propaganda-sample-cover

Propaganda covered a wide range of political topics, including international affairs, domestic politics, social justice issues, and economics. The magazine included articles, interviews, and opinion pieces by a variety of writers, journalists, and academics.

Propaganda was praised for its in-depth analysis and critical thinking, and was considered an important voice in the British political discourse. The magazine also championed cultural and artistic movements that reflected its political views, including music, film, and literature.

Propaganda was published on a quarterly basis and was distributed in the United Kingdom and internationally. The magazine was known for its striking design, featuring bold graphics and illustrations that reflected its political outlook.

In addition to its print publication, Propaganda maintained an online presence and was active on social media platforms. The magazine's website featured additional content and resources related to its political and cultural coverage.

Propaganda was a nonprofit organization and relied on subscriptions and donations to support its operations. The magazine ceased publication in 2016, but is remembered as an important voice in British leftist politics and political journalism.{{Categories}}

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