Ptolemaic Terrascope

Ptolemaic Terrascope is a British music magazine that has been catering to the interests of psychedelic rock enthusiasts since its inception in 1989. The publication is revered for its coverage of lesser-known bands and its affiliation with the Terrastock festivals.Image:ptolemaic-terrascope-sample-cover

Origins and Publication

The Ptolemaic Terrascope was founded in 1989 by Nick Saloman, the mainstay of the psychedelic band The Bevis Frond, and Phil McMullen. The magazine came into being as a platform to support several underground psychedelic and garage bands that didn't get much attention in mainstream media. It was published on a roughly quarterly schedule, offering interviews, record reviews, and retrospective pieces on obscure bands of yesteryears.

Content and Notable Contributors

Throughout its run, the Ptolemaic Terrascope featured extensive articles, interviews, and reviews. It has covered an array of underground rock genres, including but not limited to psychedelic rock, acid rock, space rock, and garage rock.

Nick Saloman and Phil McMullen were the lead contributors to the content of the magazine, providing in-depth analyses and reviews, and conducting interviews with several musicians and bands while maintaining the grassroots ethos of the magazine.

Terrastock Festivals

Beyond its publishing activities, the Ptolemaic Terrascope is well known for the Terrastock festivals, a series of music festivals that took place in various locations around the world. The festivals were an extension of the magazine's promotion of lesser-known rock bands and were acclaimed for bringing together a wide range of underground rock bands in the spirit of psych music.

Change in Format

After a brief hiatus, the print version of the magazine was discontinued, and it was relaunched as an online entity in 2005. It continues to serve its niche readership with an eclectic mix of rock music reviews, interviews, and articles.{{Categories}}

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