Pulp, also known as Viz or Viz Comics, was a manga anthology magazine issued in the United States from 1997 to 2002. Pulp was an influential platform in shaping western perception of manga and illustrating its potential as a medium for adult readers.Image:pulp-sample-cover

Founding and Ownership

Launched by Viz Media, Pulp catered to mature readers with seinen manga (geared towards young adult men), josei manga (geared towards young adult women), and unique titles that went on to gain cult followings. The magazine was deemed a bold experiment in the US market, primarily focused on a younger audience, but it was eventually discontinued after 46 issues in August 2002.

Content and Influence

Pulp featured experimental and cutting-edge content, with series such as Banana Fish, Dance till Tomorrow, Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga, and Uzumaki. Several serialized series from the magazine have subsequently been published as standalone books.

In addition to manga series, Pulp also included reviews, interviews, articles, and Japan-related features addressing topics such as the Yakuza, prostitution, and the popularity of Pachinko. Its tone was often irreverent and edgy, with a focus on the grittier, more adult side of Japanese popular culture.


Despite its relatively short lifespan, Pulp played a significant role in introducing adult-oriented manga to the Western world. It paved the way for the distribution and acceptance of the wider spectrum of manga genres in the United States.{{Categories}}

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