Pulp and Paper

Pulp and Paper is a prominent North American magazine that caters to the pulp, paper, and allied industries. First established in 1902, the magazine offers a broad scope of coverage pertinent to the paper-making industry.Image:pulp-and-paper-sample-cover

Founding and Ownership

Pulp and Paper was created by R.R. Donnelley & Sons, an American company that is a global leader in communication and marketing solutions. The motivation was to streamline and unite the nascent pulp and paper industry by providing a space for professionals to share knowledge, research, and experiences.

Content and Coverage

The magazine provides comprehensive coverage of the industry, with features on new technology, products, management techniques, research, and many of the critical issues affecting the pulp and paper industry. Regular columns include topics such as maintenance, safety, sustainability, energy, mill profiles, and industry insights from well-known experts.

Pulp and Paper publishes both a print and online version, with the latter offering digital editions, industry news, and special reports to its global audience. The audience comprises mill management, corporate executives, paper and packaging buyers, and allied suppliers.


Pulp and Paper has been a consistent source of knowledge and inspiration for industry professionals throughout its history. It continues to adapt with the sector's growing needs, reflecting the shifts in industry practices, challenges, and innovations.{{Categories}}

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