Pulse! was a significant American music magazine that was in print from 1983 through 2002. As part of the Tower Records brand, Pulse! played a crucial role in shaping American music journalism in the late 20th century.Image:pulse-sample-cover

Founding and Ownership

Published by Tower Records, an international retail music franchise based in Sacramento, California, Pulse! began as a monthly periodical distributed freely at Tower Records outlets. The core idea was to stimulate interest and excitement about music amongst the public.

Content and Coverage

At their peak, Pulse! printed 400,000 copies per month, discussing a broad spectrum of music genres including rock, pop, hip-hop, and electronic music. Each issue had a mix of record reviews, interviews with artists, feature pieces, and columns from in-house and freelance writers. The magazine became especially well known for its Editor's Picks, a monthly review section presenting unique, often overlooked albums.

Notable Contributors

Pulse! was notable for the quality of its contributors. Some of the celebrated music journalists who wrote for Pulse! include Gina Arnold, famous for her work on California rock and punk, and Dave Marsh, co-founded of Creem magazine and author of numerous books on rock and roll.


Although Pulse! magazine ceased publication in 2002 when Tower Records filed for bankruptcy, the influence of the magazine lived on. It fostered a generation of music journalists, contributing significantly to the critique and appreciation of all music genres.{{Categories}}

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