Pyramid was an American magazine focused primarily on recreational gaming, published by Steve Jackson Games. It encompassed a vast range of games including role-playing games (RPGs), card games, board games, and miniature games, among other game types.Image:pyramid-sample-cover

Founding and Operation

Pyramid was initiated by Scott Haring, then the managing editor of Steve Jackson Games, in 1993. The magazine’s main office was in Austin, Texas. For its first ten years, it was a print publication before transitioning to an online-only format in 2008.

Content and Coverage

Throughout its print era, Pyramid covered a wide variety of gaming topics. The magazine included game reviews, session reports, design tips, and industry news. Additionally, Pyramid often published exclusive content for popular Steve Jackson games such as GURPS, In Nomine, and the Illuminati card game.

After the switch to a digital format, Pyramid narrowed its focus more strongly on content relevant to Steve Jackson Games' products, particularly GURPS. Each digital issue usually focused on a specific theme, such as horror gaming, superpowered gaming, or tactical gaming, providing articles, scenarios, and other game resources related to the theme.

Digital Transition and Ceasing of Publication

After its transition to online publication in 2008, Pyramid continued as a monthly magazine, downloadable in PDF format. This digital version lasted for about twelve more years until Steve Jackson Games announced in July 2020 that Pyramid would no longer be published. This marked the end of a prominent chapter in the gaming community.{{Categories}}

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