Quantum is an educational, scientifically rigorous magazine for students and teachers of high school physics. It is a collaborative effort between the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) in the United States and the Russian Academy of Sciences. Predatorially, it was a joint publication with Scientific American.Image:quantum-sample-cover

Origin and Mission

Quantum was launched in 1990 as an initiative to make Russian physics readily accessible to American students and teachers. Educators quickly recognized the value in Quantum's pedagogical approach, blending strict scientific accuracy with engaging educational materials. The magazine remains devoted to providing a deep understanding of physical phenomena and principles.

Content and Contributions

The magazine’s contents involve in-depth articles on physics topics, engaging illustrations, interactive puzzles, and discussions on modern research and discoveries in physics. Contributions integrated text from leading physicists, including several Nobel Prize-winners. Topics ranged from classical physics, quantum mechanics, to physics history and philosophy.

Publishing details

The magazine was published bi-monthly until 2001, when it shifted to a quarterly publication. The contents were peer-reviewed to ensure technical accuracy and pedagogical efficacy. The magazine existed in both English and Russian, yet the Russian version ceased publishing in 2002.


The detailed articles and extensive range of topics covered in Quantum have often been used in teaching curricula. Its legacy lives on through its significant influence on physics education, though the magazine ceased publication in 2001.{{Categories}}

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