Quarterly Review of Wines

Quarterly Review of Wines (QRW) was an American wine magazine acclaimed for its comprehensive coverage of international wines and wineries. Founded in 1977 by Richard Elia, it emphasized high-quality, independent wine reviews and served as a critical guide for both casual wine enthusiasts and industry professionals.Image:quarterly-review-of-wines-sample-cover

Publishing History and Content

Founded and headquartered in Massachusetts, the magazine was a pioneer in its field, enjoying a long-standing presence of over 35 years. Each issue of the QRW presented meticulous evaluations of wines, providing readers with trustworthy ratings and in-depth tasting notes.

Foregoing advertisements, it featured interviews with notable personalities in the wine industry, articles on wine-related travel, and discussions on emerging wine trends. Its acclaimed section, "Best of the Best", spotlighted exceptional wines that offered both high quality and value.

Distribution and Recognition

The QRW reached a global audience with distribution across the United States and international locations. It was sold in bookstores and wine shops, and was also available through direct subscription.

QRW enjoyed widespread recognition for its independence and quality of content. It was lauded by the New York Times and awarded 'Best Wine Publication' by the James Beard Foundation in 1995.

Closing of Publication

The Quarterly Review of Wines ceased publication in 2012. Richard Elia attributed the termination to economic hardships and the changing media landscape. However, the legacy of QRW continues to influence the discourse of wine criticism and appreciation.{{Categories}}

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