R&R Magazine

R&R (also known as Radio & Records) was a well-regarded trade publication in the broadcasting industry based in the United States.magazine-cover-not-available.png


R&R was a veritable source of information and analysis for industry professionals, featuring content such as radio and music industry news, promotional events coverage, along with industry-specific research and analysis. The magazine was also recognized for numerous charts, based upon airplay data collected from radio stations in various formats across the country.

Publication History

R&R began its journey in 1973, founded by Bob Wilson, with the aim of providing radio programming and music decision-makers with a platform that served as a barometer of the industry. R&R's charts quickly gained prominence for their accuracy and comprehensiveness, making it a key resource amongst radio professionals.

Over its history, R&R has shed light on the ever-changing landscape of the radio and records industry up until its final print issue in 2009. On June 5 of that same year, R&R's online services also met their end following the closure notice issued by its then-parent company, Nielsen Business Media.{{Categories}}

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