Radar Online

Radar Online is a digital news platform based in the United States, providing an in-depth look into celebrity lives, gossip, and scandals. First launched as a print and online publication in 2003 by Maer Roshan, it was then re-launched solely as an online publication in 2008 under American Media, Inc.Image:radar-online-sample-cover

Content Focus

With a strong emphasis on entertainment and celebrity news, Radar Online leans towards sensationalism and tabloid-style journalism. Its coverage spans pop culture topics such as celebrity scandals, Hollywood gossip, reality show controversies, and high-profile legal issues. The website also occasionally dives into hard news and features investigative journalism pieces.

Corporate and Ownership History

Radar Online started as a print magazine funded by Mortimer Zuckerman, billionaire owner of the New York Daily News. It produced three issues before ceasing print publications in 2005. In 2008, American Media, Inc acquired the brand, re-launching it as an online-only celebrity news outlet.

In 2019, American Media, Inc sold Radar Online to a company associated with digital publisher and broadcaster, TheMaven. As of 2021, the website continues to be operational.

Reception and Influence

Radar Online has earned notoriety for breaking major celebrity-related scandals, such as the Mel Gibson tapes scandal and behind the scenes footage of the Dog Whisperer TV show. However, the site's tabloid nature and its tendencies for overly-emphasizing the more scandalous aspects of stories have drawn criticism. Despite this, the website enjoys wide readership in the English-speaking world.{{Categories}}

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