Radio & Records

Radio & Records (R&R) was an American trade publication providing news and information related to the radio and music industries. Founded by Bob Wilson, the magazine operated from 1973 until 2009. Image:radio-and-records-sample-cover

Content Focus

Radio & Records covered a wide range of topics from industry news, trends, charts, new music reviews, to ratings and programming strategies. The publication had a significant influence, being viewed as an essential resource within the radio and record industries.

Corporate and Ownership History

The first issue of R&R was published in 1973. The founder, Bob Wilson, had a vision to create a platform that would unite radio programming and the record business in a synergistic medium. In 2006, VNU/Neilson Business Media, the parent company of Billboard magazine, acquired R&R.

Suspension & Legacy

In June 2009, the final edition of the publication was released. The closure came alongside Nielsen Business Media's decision to consolidate their music industry brands. After the discontinuation of the publication, the R&R's features and data were integrated into the website. Despite dissolution, the impact of Radio & Records on the American radio and music industries remains significant, as it contributed to the marketing and exposure of new music and influential programming strategies.{{Categories}}

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