Radio News

Radio News was a leading American magazine dedicated to the amateur radio audience, with its content focusing on radio technology and its advancements. The publication, launched in 1919, served as an educational resource and news platform for radio enthusiasts and professionals alike. Image:radio-news-sample-cover

Content Orientation

Published monthly, Radio News presented a plethora of articles, tutorials, and news on various aspects of radio technology. The magazine's content included everything from detailed circuit diagrams and construction projects for amateur radio operators, to industry news, equipment reviews, and innovations in radio science.

Publication History

Experimenter Publishing, owned by the pioneering publishing entrepreneur Hugo Gernsback, launched the first issue of Radio News. It was originally titled as "Radio Amateur News" but was shortly renamed to "Radio News". Gernsback's passion for science and technology, especially radio and broadcasting, clearly reflected in the magazine's content.

In 1929, ownership of the magazine changed hands from Gernsback to John F. Rider Publisher, and subsequently, it was sold to Ziff-Davis in the mid-1950s. The magazine continued under Ziff-Davis until 1959, when it was absorbed into Electronics World.

Legacy and Impact

Radio News played a crucial role in educating and informing the ever-growing community of radio enthusiasts during the first half of the 20th century. The magazine is recognized for its contributions to the popularization and understanding of radio technology. Despite its discontinuation, back issues of Radio News remain valuable resources for those interested in the history and evolution of radio technology.{{Categories}}

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