Raijin Comics

Raijin Comics was an American manga anthology that provided translated versions of various Japanese manga series to the English-speaking audience. The anthology was the cornerstone of the publication efforts of Raijin Comics' parent company, Gutsoon! Entertainment.Image:raijin-comics-sample-cover

Content and Lineup

The anthology's lineup featured several popular manga series covering different genres, ranging from action to sports. Some of the more prominent titles included Fist of the Blue Sky, a prequel to the renowned manga series Fist of the North Star, and City Hunter, a popular action-comedy manga.

Raijin Comics also included a separate section, Raijin Game & Anime, which provided news and reviews on Japanese video games and animation.

Publication History

Raijin Comics was first launched in December 2002 by Gutsoon! Entertainment, a company founded by Horie Nobuhiko, former Editor-in-Chief of Japanese manga publisher Weekly Sh┼Źnen Jump.

The publication sought to emulate the Japanese manga magazine model by being a weekly anthology. However, due to insufficient demand, Raijin Comics switched to a monthly format in September 2003.

Unfortunately, declining sales led to Gutsoon! Entertainment discontinuing the print version of Raijin Comics in July 2004. For a brief period following this, Gutsoon! tried to keep the magazine alive digitally on their website, but this initiative also ended by the close of 2004.{{Categories}}

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