Railroad Gazette

Railroad Gazette was a prominent American trade publication focusing on railway operations and technology. Its targeted readership consisted of various professionals within the railway industry, from infrastructure engineers to train operators.Image:railroad-gazette-sample-cover


The core of the magazine focused on providing in-depth analysis and discussion about the latest railway techniques, technologies, and infrastructural developments. It offered features on topics like track layouts, railway construction projects, engine designs, timetabling, and other technical aspects. Profiles and interviews with leading figures in the railway industry also featured prominently within the publication.

Publication History

Railroad Gazette was established in 1870 and published weekly. During its tenure, the magazine became a must-read for railway professionals due to its insightful coverage of the ever-evolving railway landscape.

In 1908, the publication underwent a change in name to Railway Age Gazette, after having absorbed the competing magazine The Railway Age. This merger sought to consolidate the readership and strengthen the magazine's standing in the railroad industry.

The publication continued operations under various names and publishers throughout the 20th century until it became today's Railway Age magazine, still providing dedicated coverage of railway news, trends, and technological advancements in North America.{{Categories}}

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