Railroads Illustrated

Railroads Illustrated is a prestigious American magazine centered on railroading, particularly focusing on North American railroading photography and news.Image:railroads-illustrated-sample-cover


The magazine provides its readers with a thorough look at North American railroading by featuring comprehensive pictorial studies of individual railroads and the regions they serve. The main draw for many readers is the high-quality photography that provides an immersive view into the world of railroads.

Apart from featuring notable lines and locations, Railroads Illustrated continuously updates its readers with the latest news and developments in the railroad industry, and showcases the works of various railroad photographers, both professional and amateur.

Publication History

Railroads Illustrated was initially launched under the name CTC Board in 1974 by Hundman Publishing. The name CTC Board was derived from Centralized Traffic Control, a signifying element of the railroads system.

In 2005, it underwent a branding change, taking on its current name, in an attempt to articulate more clearly the magazine's photographic focus. The magazine, now published by White River Productions, has grown to become a respected and indispensable resource for railroading enthusiasts and professionals alike.{{Categories}}

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