Read is an American educational magazine aimed at middle school and high school students, established with the intent to foster and advance the habit of reading in young people.Image:read-sample-cover


Designed to engage young readers from grades 6–10, the content of Read magazine encompasses a broad array of literary works. It features a mix of well-known classics, contemporary fiction, non-fiction, drama, and verse. Each issue includes a number of accompanying activities, quizzes, and discussion points that foster comprehension, vocabulary expansion, and a deeper understanding of the literary content.

The magazine goes beyond literary exploration, often featuring cross-curricular links to history, science, art, and culture. This fusion of subjects offers readers an immersive learning experience, challenging them to apply their reading and comprehension skills across a variety of topics.

Publication History

Read magazine is a publication of Weekly Reader, a renowned educational publisher, established in 1928. With its inception, Read reinforced Weekly Reader's mission to 'get students to read' by providing a compelling and exciting resource explicitly tailored to their educational needs and interests.

The legacy of the magazine is rooted in supporting literacy and learning in the classroom and beyond, creating a platform where students can interact with a wide range of literary styles and genres while enhancing their language skills. The magazine's editorial offices are based in Mankato, Minnesota.{{Categories}}

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