Record World

Record World was an American music industry trade magazine, that played an influential role in the world of popular music during its existence.Image:record-world-sample-cover


Record World primarily focused on the strategies, implications, and aesthetics of selling music. Each issue provided comprehensive coverage of a diverse assortment of genres and was renowned for its sales charts, which got compiled based on radio play, jukebox selections, and sales.

Publication History

Record World had its roots in "Music Vendor", a periodical launched in 1954 intended for jukebox operators. It was renamed to Record World in 1964. The magazine provided a platform for industry professionals, including artists, record label executives, and music store owners, to keep abreast of trends and developments in the industry.

The magazine became groundbreaking in its recognition and coverage of disco, contributing significantly to the genre's rise in popularity during the 1970s.

Record World's charts were considered an industry standard alongside Billboard and Cash Box, before the magazine ceased publication in 1982 due to financial problems.{{Categories}}

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