Reform Judaism

Reform Judaism is a widely read magazine of the Reform Judaism movement in the United States and worldwide. Image:reform-judaism-sample-cover.webp


The magazine presents a broad range of topics relevant to Reform Jews, such as Jewish theology, liturgy, Jewish history, Jewish ethics, and religious Jewish life.

Its content encompasses stories about innovative Jewish practices, community initiatives, personal experiences, social justice issues, cultural explorations, and highlights from Reform congregations and individuals making a difference in their communities.

Publication History

Reform Judaism magazine was first published in 1972 by the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ). It initially aimed to both inform Reform Jews and stimulate discussion within the Reform Jewish community on a national level.

Over the years, the magazine maintained a strong focus on the beliefs, practices, and societal contributions of Reform Jews, deeply reflecting the principles of the Reform movement.

The magazine transitioned from a quarterly print publication to an online-only format in 2014, continuing its mission to inspire, enlighten, and challenge readers and Reform Jews around the world.{{Categories}}

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