Regardie's was an influential business magazine that covered the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Image:regardies-sample-cover.png


Created to penetrate the business landscape of Washington, Regardie's magazine shined a spotlight on the capital's power movers, business titans, and political figures. Its content straddled the line between business reporting and irreverent commentary, offering readers an unconventional view into Washington's business and political scenes.

Publication History

Founded in 1981 by Bill Regardie, a former editor at Washingtonian magazine, Regardie's became known for its fearless approach to storytelling and lack of deference to the city's power structure.

Through in-depth profiles, investigative pieces, and colorful commentary, Regardie's sought to demystify the nexus of business and politics in the nation's capital. It heavily focused on the real estate sector, which was the primary driver of the D.C. area's economy, as well as local startups, major corporations, and the influential figures behind them.

During its peak, the magazine was hailed as a must-read among Washington's business and political elites. However, despite its influence and popularity, Regardie's struggled financially, owing to the high cost of publishing and the competitive nature of the magazine business. The magazine eventually ceased publication in 1991, marking a significant end in the landscape of local media coverage.{{Categories}}

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