Reggae Report

Reggae Report was a significant international Reggae music magazine that operated from 1983 to 1998. Image:reggae-report-sample-cover.webp


Reggae Report was dedicated to covering Reggae music in all its aspects, educating readers about the Reggae world, and promoting the music's messages of peace, love, unity, and righteousness. The magazine was renowned in the music industry for its comprehensive interviews, in-depth reviews, and vivid photography.

Publication History

Reggae Report was formed in 1983 by M. Peggy Quattro, a Reggae enthusiast and advocate for the music genreā€™s international recognition. The magazine began as a small, 4-page publication before metastasizing into the international print medium that it became known for, boasting a readership in more than 35 countries worldwide.

In covering artists from the legendary to the unknown, Reggae Report was unique in its commitment to the comprehensive representation of the Reggae universe. The artists and musicians of the Reggae music genre considered being featured in Reggae Report as a significant achievement in their careers.

Despite its success and influence in the Reggae music industry, Print publication ceased in 1998 due to financial strains. However, the magazine's legacy continues online, where its archives serve as a vital record of Reggae music's development and global impact during critical years of the genre's expansion.{{Categories}}

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