Relief Society Magazine

Relief Society Magazine was a periodical managed by the Relief Society, the women's auxiliary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). Image:relief-society-magazine-sample-cover.jpeg


The periodical catered to LDS women and provided a range of content including spiritual messages, LDS Church news, fiction, and non-fiction writings, homemaking advice, and other subjects specific to female church members.

Publication History

Relief Society Magazine began publication in 1915 under the title "The Relief Society Bulletin". It was rebranded as the "Relief Society Magazine" in 1917 and continued circulation under that title, serving as the official voice and publication of the Relief Society as the organization grew and extended its reach globally.

The publication was pioneering for its time, granting women a platform and promoting female authorship within the church, thereby offering a unique perspective on LDS theology and culture. It played a significant role in shaping the identity and understanding of LDS women and their roles in the church and society at large.

In addition to delivering spiritual content and news, the magazine covered a myriad of women’s issues including education, healthcare, and social welfare matters. Additionally, the periodical included poems, recipes, inspirational stories, and lesson outlines for local Relief Society meetings.

Despite its enduring popularity and influence within the LDS Church, the magazine’s publication came to an end in 1970 as part of a consolidation of LDS Church magazines. Its legacy, however, continues to impact generations of LDS women.{{Categories}}

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